Human Nature, short story

Human Nature, short story

Release date January 2010 ISBN 978-0698406575 Pick up a copy Read an excerpt

Human Nature synopsis

Humans have long been aware of the others in their midst—and not particularly happy about it. Until the Supreme Court’s ruling, it was legal in several states to shoot lupi on sight. Times have changed. Some don’t appreciate that. In “Human Nature,” Lily Yu turns twenty-nine—a marker she’s decidedly ambivalent about. Her birthday celebration is cut short when the naked, heavily tattooed body of a man is found in a California town. At first it seems like a bizarre ritual killing, but there’s more than magic afoot. The victim, David Pruitt, wasn’t human . . . and years ago, he was Rule’s Turner’s closest friend.

(Note: If you’re following this series, you need to know that the events in “Human Nature” occur before those in MORTAL SINS. It’s April, four months after the Turning; Cynna and Cullen are still in Edge.)

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The links in the “Pick up a copy” box above take you to the stand-alone ebook, if you’d like to purchase the entire anthology, Inked, that this novella originally appeared in, please use the following links.

ISBN (anthology): 978-0425231975

Reading order

The World of the Lupi books take place over a relatively short period of time. This means it’s important to read these books in the order they were written. Lucky for you we’ve put together a reading list so you never get lost!

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