Only Human, short story

Only Human, short story

Release date July 1, 2003 ISBN 978-0425189054 Pick up a copy

“Only Human” Synopsis

Eileen’s story in the LOVER BEWARE anthology is entitled “Only Human.” In it Lily is a Chinese-American detective working with the city of San Diego on a murder that appears to be the work of a werewolf. But, if she wants to find out who the killer is, she’ll have to get inside the clans. She enlists the help of a were named Rule, though she detests his species. Will her prejudices hold up under the heat of passion?

Other Authors in the Anthology:
Christine Feehan
Katherine Sutcliffe
Fiona Brand


Eileen wrote this short story as a stand alone addition to the LOVER BEWARE anthology. The characters in it begged to be released into a full series, however, so Eileen and her editor worked to make that a reality! A little over a year later, in October 2004, the characters and storyline presented in “Only Human” were reworked and presented all over again in TEMPTING DANGER, the first actual novel in the World of the Lupi series. “Only Human” is not exactly a prequel to TEMPTING DANGER, but it certainly did inspire it. “Only Human” is an interesting read for fans of the Lupi series, but does not technically fit into its timeline.

Reading order

The World of the Lupi books take place over a relatively short period of time. This means it’s important to read these books in the order they were written. Lucky for you we’ve put together a reading list so you never get lost!

Reading order list

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