Lupi audiobooks

Lupi audiobooks

Dramatized audiobooks (abridged versions with voice actors) are available for purchase through GraphicAudio! They’re a great group who have done a fantastic job translating these books to audio. These are dramatic readings with different voice actors for each character, music, and sound effects. If you’re interested, just click on the covers below to go to that Lupi book on the GraphicAudio website!

All of the links to purchase these dramatized audiobooks have been added to each book’s page here on the site too. Easy peasy!

1-10-18 UPDATE: GraphicAudio released their version of DRAGON BLOOD. Click on the last image thumbnail below to check it out.

graphic audio logo

And just to make things extra easy, here are direct links to all of the audio books (listed in descending order).

FYI, “Originally Human” is free! Go take a listen and see what you think.

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