Reading order for WotL books

Reading order for WotL books

It’s important to read the World of the Lupi books in order, so start here to make sure you don’t lose your place in the reading order.

I recommend you start the series with TEMPTING DANGER, then come back to “The New Kid” after you’ve gotten to know Rule a bit. “Only Human” is a short story version of TEMPTING DANGER with slightly different characters and plot elements, so it’s not necessary to read unless you want to.

Reading order for main stories

1: TEMPTING DANGER (October 2004) 978-0425198780
“Originally Human” (July 2004) Solo e-book: 978-1101578568, Anthology: 978-0515138153
2: MORTAL DANGER (November 2005) 978-0425202906
“Brownies” (January 2007) Only available here, on
3: BLOOD LINES (January 2007) 978-0425213445
“Inhuman” (August 2007) Solo e-book: 978-1101578582, Anthology: 978-0425216590
4: NIGHT SEASON (January 2008) 978-0425220153
“Good Counsel” (January 2008) Only available here, on
“Cyncerely Yours” (January 2008) Only available here, on
5: MORTAL SINS (February 2009) 978-0425225523
“Human Nature” (January 2010) Solo e-book: 978-1101578568, Anthology: 978-0425231975
6: BLOOD MAGIC (February 2010) 978-0425233054
7: BLOOD CHALLENGE (January 2011) 978-0425239193
8: DEATH MAGIC (November 2011) 978-0425245125
“Human Error” (November 2011) Solo e-book: 978-069840657, Anthology: 978-0425243299
9: MORTAL TIES (October 2012) 978-0425254929
10: RITUAL MAGIC (September 2013) 978-0425263365
11: UNBINDING (October 2014) 978-0425263372
12: MIND MAGIC (November 2015) 978-0425263877
13: DRAGON SPAWN (December 2016) 978-0451488039
14: DRAGON BLOOD (January 2018) 978-0399583155
15: THE CODEX (still being written)

Optional stories

“The New Kid” (September 2013) Only available here, on
“Only Human” (July 2003) 978-0425189054

Titles in all caps are full length novels.
Titles in quotes are short stories.

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  1. I’m rereading the whole series and waiting anxiously for book 15. I just would really ❤️really love for Lily and Rule to have children. Like maybe triples ❤️YEAH

  2. I need help. I am losing my mind. What book/story is Ryder born? I am doing a reread but I can’t find it and it is driving me crazy. Thank you!


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