“Human Error”, short story

“Human Error”, short story

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“Human Error” synopsis

As many of you know, I finished DEATH MAGIC recently. Time to launch into the novella that will be part of the Tied with a Bow anthology, out in November . . . but there was a problem. Tied with a Bow is–you can tell from the title, right?–a holiday anthology. The story I’d planned to write, featuring Cynna & Cullen and the new baby, wouldn’t work because of, um, things that happened in DEATH MAGIC. Which I can’t be specific about, but don’t worry–The C-couple and the baby are okay. They just don’t get a story right now.

Instead, I’m writing “Human Error,” which is about Arjennie and Benedict. It’s Christmas and Benedict is going to spend the holiday with Arjenie’s family . . . her large, Wiccan, entirely human family. Who he hasn’t met. Now, Benedict has lived most of his life at Clanhome, surrounded by lupi. He isn’t used to fitting in with humans. He even asked his brother for advice about clothes, hoping to create the right impression.

So it’s a shame the way things go wrong from the moment he gets out of the car . . . .

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ISBN (anthology): 978-0425243299

The links above take you to the stand-alone ebook, if you’d like to purchase the entire anthology, Tied with a Bow, that this novella originally appeared in, please use the following links.

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