Inhuman, short story

Inhuman, short story

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Inhuman synopsis

People in Midland are dying. Only two so far, but both of them were Gifted, and both were killed when someone—or something—drained them of blood.

Two months ago, the power winds swept through and changed the rules everywhere. Midland, Texas, didn’t suffer as much as some places, partly because this small West Texas city has only one smallish node . . . and because it has a guardian, little though Midlanders realize this. Nathan Hunter is well able to discourage the odd goblin, banshee, or ghoul.

Kai Tallman Michalski is a reluctant telepath with a skewed Gift—she sees thoughts instead of experiencing them. So she’s known all along that Nathan isn’t human. She knows, too, that he’ll be leaving Midland soon, so she keeps a sensible grip on her emotions—until a third victim is found and she’s forced to team up with Nathan to stop a killer from striking again.

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ISBN (anthology): 978-0425216590

The links above take you to the stand-alone ebook, if you’d like to purchase the entire anthology, On the Prowl, that this novella originally appeared in, please use the following links.

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