The Codex, Lupi #15

The Codex, Lupi #15

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The Codex synopsis

Sorry, there’s no synopsis for The Codex yet as this book is still being written. We’ll get one up as soon as we can! In the meantime check out some of the free short stories available on the site or reread previous books to get ready for the World of the Lupi finale!

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Reading order

The World of the Lupi books take place over a relatively short period of time. This means it’s important to read these books in the order they were written. Lucky for you we’ve put together a reading list so you never get lost!

Reading order list

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  1. I remember reading Originally Human waaaaaaaaaayyyyyy back when, & thinking “but, but… there’s got to be more…”. So I am beyond thrilled that this is finally coming out.


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